About Us

we are Invested in the success of our clients with an unwavering commitment to Integrity, Ideas, and Impact.

Nichols, Cauley & Associates is a solution-oriented public accounting and business advisory firm with offices primarily located across Georgia. We offer a wide array of services for businesses and individuals including tax, audit and compliance, accounting services, consulting and more. We strive to help our clients address their current needs and take a proactive approach in building a successful future. With history dating back to 1981, we have always sought to build strong relationships with our clients so we can truly anticipate and accommodate their needs.

Nichols Cauley is driven by our core values. These three core values are integrity, ideas and impact.


Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. As a firm, we are committed to the idea that honesty is the highest priority. We will always seek to provide sound, insightful advice to our clients and help them be the best possible stewards of their financial resources. We will do this with an unwavering commitment to treat others with respect.


Our clients seek to grow their business or their personal wealth. To help them accomplish this goal, we want to provide insights that lead to a stronger top line and a more robust bottom line. Beyond just tax and accounting, Nichols Cauley is equipped to provide a wide array of consulting, compliance and audit services. We strive to be proactive by anticipating internal and external factors that may potentially affect or drive their success.


We are a solution and results oriented organization. Everyone in our firm, from the person that greets you at the front desk to the executive management, is committed to having a positive impact on the lives of our clients. We want our partnership to produce reduced costs, greater margins, and increased peace of mind about your financial future. More than just a business relationship, we want to make a difference in the lives of our clients.