Audit & Assurance

You work hard to ensure the success of your business. We support you each step along the way.

With constant challenges in an ever-changing tax landscape, how do you plan and effectively commit resources to minimize what may be one of the biggest line items on your income statement? How do you make the best decisions for yourself, for your business and for future generations?

Nichols, Cauley & Associates does more than just attest to the proper reporting of financial results. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who want to identify opportunities, recognize problems and formulate smart solutions.

Delivering a broad spectrum of accounting and consulting services, our team seeks to provide insight and an approach that is professional and personal. Our audit professionals examine the larger picture and help stakeholders assess the financial and operational needs of their businesses.

Our process focuses on all the moving parts of our clients' business in the economic and regulatory outlook they will encounter, not just on auditing or reviewing financials but the daily operation of the business and the risks it confronts.

With an emphasis on research and communication, we will always provide updates regarding accounting, financial and regulatory developments that impact our clients.