SALT Consulting

You work hard to ensure the success of your business. We support you every step of the way.

As states revise tax policy and continue to step up their audit activities, taxpayers are faced with interpreting confusing and often conflicting tax provisions that, if not handled correctly, may result in the under payment or over payment of taxes and the risk of penalties and interest.

The Nichols, Cauley & Associates (NCA) SALT services team has extensive experience dealing with multi-state tax complexities. Our team is dedicated to monitoring significant changes in the multi-state tax environment that impact your business. We provide consulting services that include the following areas:

  • Income / Franchise Tax
  • Tax Credit Consulting
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Nexus Reviews
  • Payroll and Unemployment Tax
  • Audit Defense
  • Unclaimed Property
  • SALT Due Diligence

The NCA approach includes obtaining comprehensive knowledge of your business operations and objectives and navigating through the myriad of state tax rules to reach appropriate solutions. Filing positions should always be aligned with business objectives and are required to be consistent with states applicable tax statutes and regulations.

Whether you have experienced significant business change, suspect you haven’t taken advantage of state credits/incentives you are entitled to, or need to identify and address outstanding exposure, our consulting services will provide the guidance you need.

John Corn – Principal
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