SALT Consulting

You work hard to ensure the success of your business. We support you each step along the way.

Whether you are a business executive or an individual taxpayer, it is important that you grasp the opportunities and challenges that state and local tax (SALT) issues may present. As states and other tax authorities continue to face revenue issues, they will more closely scrutinize your state and local tax practices.

To help our clients approach these issues, NCA has developed a dedicated SALT Team. Their goal is to stay current on state and local case law and ongoing legislative developments in the Southeast US. We will make you aware of emerging tax obligations, exposures, and possible tax credit opportunities.

Our dedicated state and local tax services team can help you:

  • Create a tax plan to ensure compliance yet minimize tax obligations
  • Investigate your current situation to determine and reduce areas of exposure
  • Comply with sales and use tax, including the evolving rules related to e-commerce
  • Uncover incentives and credits or refund opportunities
  • Provide representation in state or local tax examination
  • Understand residency rules, should you rent or own more than one home
  • Stay informed about changing tax laws in the Southeast US

The customized and personalized manner of our SALT offering will help you achieve a streamlined tax structure while minimizing the time you spend on simple compliance. To learn more, let’s start a conversation about how our SALT team can help you.